Modern Multi WebView Templates- No Ads


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Short Application Information :

  • No Ads Integrated
  • Developed with Latest Coding
  • Create and Design in Android Studio Chipmunk | 2021.2.1 Patch 1
  • All layout Designs with Fragment Layout
  • All Layout Design with Constraint Layout
  • Include Navigation Drawer System
  • Also implemented Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, and Terms & Conditions

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This application is made with a User-Friendly System and ECO-friendly Layout, you can get all things about any app requirement. We have all details about the specifications given below.

1. In this application, you can get the Rate Popup system means when your user opens this application more than three times in a month then they can get Rate this Application Popup Dialog which is help to grow your application in the PlayStore platform.

2. When this application is started you can get a splash screen layout that is designed with an animation system and in this splash screen, you can get one LOGO, one Progress Bar, and one developer TAG LINE.

3. In this application, you can get one “HOME SCREEN” layout which is created with the latest code and also designed with the layout “XML” source code. And in this “HOME SCREEN” you can get many options given below:

  • Navigation Drawer Menu System
  • Navigation Drawer Item Menu Details are given below:
  • Visit More Apps Button
  • Rate this Application Button
  • Share Button
  • Disclaimer Button
  • Privacy Policy Button
  • Terms & Conditions Button

4. In this application, all webview layouts open under “HOME SCREEN” layout means all webview layouts open under “HOME SCREEN” because we are using fragment layout with the help of fragment container system means when you click any item of recycler view then that layout is open at the same layout never move another layout.

5. In the WebView layout, we can get a loading system created and designed with the latest progress bar system, and one refresh button system on the top of the layout means if you are not able to see the website then you can press the refresh button and reload again this website.


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