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In this app, you will get many features that help in becoming a better app, you have been given a demo of this app, first download the app and try it.

To see this app more closely, you will have to watch the YouTube video given below so that you will know completely how is the interface of the app template that you are about to buy.

Some Screenshots are given below.

In this app, the launch is done from the Splash Screen and in this splash screen, you will get an icon and a version name, and a progress bar that will last for 30 seconds which you can see below.


Splash Screen Layout

In the Home Activity of this App, we have shown a Facebook(Meta) Interstitial Ad, so that whenever users open your App, they will see the Ad first so that you can make a lot of money.


Show Facebook(Meta) Interstitial Ad

In the Home Activity of this app, we have shown a Facebook (Meta) Banner AD, and below that, you will find the topic of this app which is designed for users so that whenever users open your app, they will see the first ad, so that You can earn a lot of money.


Home Page Layout

In this activity, users have been told about the topic and a button has been given, so that users can press the button to see that official page and check their details, and also this layout has been designed in such a way that Facebook’s banner ad can also be shown and users will not have any problem.


Details About Topic

In this activity layout, the user will be shown the same website on which the user has clicked on the topic, as well as a Facebook banner ad will also appear so that the person who uploaded the app will also get money through Facebook.


Show WebView with URL

When you buy this template, then what you have to change inside this package, you will get all the information inside the package.

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